Our Differences
What makes us unique

Our employees use the latest telephone techniques and on-going training to skillfully negotiate and courteously interact with consumers to achieve superior results. Our competitive advantage is our staff and they are valued as assets. Constant investment educating our team assures top performance.

Our staff has an average tenure in excess of 7 years. We employ the very best veterans in the industry. Over 50% of our staff has been with Revenue Group 5 years and over 24% have been with Revenue Group greater than 10 years.


Our comprehensive compliance program ensures adherence to bulletins, regulations, and guidelines that apply to billing and debt collection. Revenue Group is HIPAA compliant under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all individually identified health information.

Maximum Return

Revenue Group has earned its reputation by providing clients with intelligent, cost- effective solutions. Maximizing returns while maintaining a positive client image is achieved treating their customers with dignity and respect. Since 1994, our team has worked to provide unparalleled returns to our client’s bottom lines.

Technology and Innovation

Data Security

Data security and privacy laws have recently transformed how companies handle their customer’s data. We take our data storage and transference very seriously and have made sweeping changes to comply with Federal and State laws. Revenue Group has completed and is certified under SSAE16 SOCII audited controls. All members of our staff go through vigorous awareness programs to promote the required practices and safe handling involved with any of the personal or financial data that is presented to them during the course of business.

Our network has been designed and built with compliance in mind from inception. The hardened network provides users with safe and secure methods of storing, sending, and receiving customer data. Our systems are backed up nightly and transferred off-site to a secured data facility.

Communication Packages

Revenue Group supports multiple data exchange formats to ease the interface with our client’s systems. Reports, remits, invoices, and reconciliations can be sent directly to your office via approved secure transfer methods.

Management and Monitoring Program

As a client of Revenue Group your management team is provided with a summary of accounts in progress, calls made and employee productivity. This allows more effective productivity management and account representative performance.

Online Information Capabilities

Advancements in Internet technologies have provided us with the tools to locate reliable consumer data. Many of our accounts go through a comprehensive screening process for bankruptcy, deceased notifications, government assistance programs, phone number and address searches. This data provides our team with accurate information that empowers them to make the best decisions for our clients.